1 Content Marketing Strategy & Planning


Content needs to be created with purpose. By starting with business goals, strengths and brand positioning, we identify what content appeals to the target market. Then, we figure out the best way to get those eyes on that content & nurture potential prospects into paying customers.

2Content Production


We produce written, visual and rich media content that is well researched, optimised & aimed at the target audience. We can also enable inhouse resources with the right research, briefs and ‘over the shoulder’ support.

3Content Promotion & Management


We will promote & amplify the produced content via highly targeted tactics such as SEO, Paid Search, Display, Remarketing, Content Discovery and many more. The integrated promotion extends right across earned, paid and owned media.

4Measurement & Optimization


We help teams understand whether their content marketing efforts work. We join the dots across the multi-channel prospective user experience. It’s key to understanding, learning & improving content marketing performance.


In order to stand out from the crowd, working with a capable, consistent and proactive team is essential. We structure our team around the best way to get results for each individual business. This provides businesses with a mix of the right skill-sets across the content marketing lifecycle – combining strategy, creativity, content production and promotion to achieve the real results that matter.

The Team


Marketing & Strategy Direction


Technology & Operations Direction

Anton K.

Resource Management

Igor S.

Campaign Management


Design / UX

Anton S.

Campaign Management


Web Development


Web Development


Content Management


Campaign Management

Dimitry S.

Web Development

We specialise in a range of business categories



We have both the marketing and technical expertise to help companies selling in a complicated B2B channel. We’re also one of the few content marketing agencies that boasts a Technical Director amongst the team.

High Price Point

High Price Point
Products & Services

Buying a high price point service or product is not an impulse decision. It usually requires a long buying lifecycle & the need for a company to remain relevant and top of mind during this time.



We have the expertise to content market a franchise with many locations & targeted mini campaigns tailored to each location. We also understand the importance of promoting the overall brand from a thought leadership perspective.

Louise Bedford

Louise Bedford

Director / The Trading game

I wanted to say that the site looks fabulous! The design, the layout, the ease of use, and most importantly the results!. Well done!

Ashley Churcher

Ashley Churcher

Marketing Director / Niche

Val & the team are great to work with and experts in the field of Digital strategy and User Experience. Working with them on a variety of projects has been a pleasure. They have consistently gone above and beyond to deliver projects that exceed stakeholder expectations and enhance their reputation in the industry. I highly recommend engaging Grid Concepts to assist with your upcoming digital projects!

Stephen Foxworthy

Stephen Foxworthy

Group Account Director / DTDigital

Val and I worked closely on a variety of projects. He has always a pleasure to work with, with a great outlook, capacity for work and team ethic. Under sometimes difficult circumstances, Val & the team managed the delivery of some very high profile projects, including the massive re-design of the Myer.com.au website.

Some of the brands we’ve helped

Home 2017Home 2017Home 2017

We Can Help You

Increase traffic to your website

Every business understands the importance of new customers, but it can be challenging to understand how to consistently attract them. We can certainly help here.

Boost revenue from your site

Using the expertise, systems & data at our disposal we demonstrate how to increase existing revenue without a significant increase in effort.

Get started in content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage target audiences and build consumer loyalty. We equip businesses with the right tools to achieve results in their content marketing efforts.

Audit or create your content marketing strategy

Keeping the existing customers happy is the easiest way to protect return on investment. We have some fantastic tactics in our arsenal to help improve retention.