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Grid Concepts can deploy project teams in the areas of: Web Development, User Experience, User Interface Design CRM System Implementation
Grid Concepts has core capability in the following subject-matter areas:
Web Development
User Experience & Interface Design
CRM System Implementation
Business Applications Implementation
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Here's a detailed overview on our Project Services:
WordPress CMS Implementation

Grid Concepts has decades of experience in the implementation of WordPress projects.

Our team has extensive experience is development of websites for various purposes. Covering WordPress theme, e-commerce, custom plugin development, the Grid Concepts' team can tackle it all in a professional and standards compliant manner.

We also manage many large-scale, high-traffic WordPress portals. Please review our case studies below.

Web Application Development in Laravel

Laravel is a clean, modern & standard-compliant Web Application Development Framework.

Our team has developed a range of powerful Applications and Web-utilities in Laravel for a range of clients.

Please review the relevant Case Studies below.

CRM Analysis Implementation

Our team has implemented & manages a range of CRM Systems for a range of client in different industries.

Our expertise currently cover in-depth knowledge of Keep (FKA InfusionSoft), HubSpot & SuiteCRM.

Whether you require assistance in managing an existing implementation OR want to discuss a NEW project, please get in touch for a free chat or review some of the relevant case studies below.

User Experience & Interface Design (UX/UI)

In the cases where a clients have access to their own Development Team we can assist with the UX & UI Design phases and then handover to the existing team for implementation.

We can perform - user testing, prototyping as well as a wide range of Analysis & Design Services

If you have any UX/UI requirements - please get in touch to see if we can assist you on your project.

Amazon Web Services Design & Implementation

Over the years the Grid Concepts team has been involved in the Implementation and on-going management of various high-traffic websites and applications. Because of our participation in these projects we have acquired extensive experience in the Design & Implementation of advanced hosting & infrastructure configurations. This is especially relevant for high-traffic / critical systems that require the ability to scale and self-heal.

Please review the relevant case studies OR get in touch if you would like to discuss this service.

What are the project costs?
Depends on the length & complexity of the Project :). However, our hourly rates are very competitive. Get in touch with your brief for a free estimate.
What if I've already started a project with another provider, but it hasn't worked, how can you guys help?
A large portion of our project portfolio is projects that started in "Project Recovery". It is not uncommon for us to be taking over an already started project. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help.
I noticed that you offer similar competencies with the Grid Concepts` Support Team - what's the difference?
We qualify a Project as something that has a defined, fixed scope and hence a start and an end. Our estimation, costs & risk management practices are handled more stringently on projects. Therefore, in most cases we define exactly what a project will produce and all the attributes around that result.
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