Paterson | Digital Support Desk

Design Support, Content Support, Marketing Support

Client Requirements

Paterson Fine Jewllery (PFJ) was established in 1935 as a trusted jewellery wholesaler in Australia. PFJ is both a jewellery supplier and a manufacturer with a wide net of retailers that it suppies to right accross Australia and New Zealand. Prior to approaching Grid Concepts, PFJ did very little digital marketing and it’s safe to say that their online authority and the website were built from zero.


Client goals
  • Obtain a managed digital support capability with predictable turnaround times
The Result

Support requests for this client are predominantly design based. They range from both digital to offline design tasks. Some the examples include:

  • Banner ads design
  • Magazine ad design
  • Exhibition panel design
  • Catalogue design and regular updates
  • Content changes to the website(s)

Most small tasks are rapidly turned around (within 24hrs). If they can’t be solved quickly a firm completion date is given to the client. As a result Paterson have a reliable support capability that they can rely on in terms of consistent output quality as well as predictable, short turn-around times.