the Finder Tool

For Orthodontics Australia

Client Requirements

Orthodontics Australia is the Australian Society of Orthodontists’ public advice channel, created to help understand the different treatment options available and to find a qualified specialist orthodontist. We have been asked to create the Finder tool so consumers can find an orthodontist near them.

The Orthodontist Finder tool was born as a simple way to find orthodontist and orthodontic practices based on the user's location. What it evolved into is a branded utility that helps target location-based traffic from Search Engines.

Initially, we were asked to take over and maintain the Finder tool implemented by another vendor. However, upon initial investigation, it became evident that the implementation was cumbersome and expensive to maintain. Based on this, Grid Concepts pitched and were approved to implement the new Finder Tool for Orthodontists Australia.

Client goals
  • Rethink and rebuild the existing Finder tool
  • Make the tool Search Engine friendly
  • Introduce Practices into the mix
  • Establish a prospective lead funnel, that can easily be reported on
The Result

The Finder Tool started to serve as an important focal point for all traffic sources. In turn it has resulted in significant growth in visitor traffic and customer leads for the orthodontics practices.

We used the Laravel Framework with Blade Templates to implement the core components of the Finder Tool, with the following additional key integrations/customisations:

Google Cloud Maps integration
For Geolocation & Mapping

Elastic Search
To enable an easy way to locate Orthodontists by name

Laravel Nova
Which powered Administrator Interface to allow non-technical users to maintain the backend data

Recently, we've also added a new Consultations module — which will enable visitors to request consultation from a specific Practice and/or Orthodontist.