Content Support, Technical Support, CRM Support, Marketing Automation Support, Design Support

Client Requirements

Metropole Property Strategists is a property investment and advisory firm with offices across Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane. They offer a range of services including property research, market analysis, property development, property management, and buyer advocacy. Metropole Property Strategists have a team

Grid Concepts have been working with Metropole now for 13 years and provide a wholistic marketing, design & technology support layer to Metropole's marketing department.

Client goals
  • Secure a managed digital support desk with reliable quality output & turnaround times
  • Be able to budget monthly / quarterly / annually against such a service without any major surprises
  • Be able to scale the service rapidly, when business needs increase or vary
  • Centralise the resolution for various smaller items that just need doing on a daily / weekly basis
The Result

As a result Metropole have obtained a centralised digital support desk, where each stakeholder can easily log new tasks against a wide variety of services. Some examples of it are below:

  • Technical issues with website(s)
  • Design tasks, whether it is a digital banner ad or small brochure of offline
  • Changes to marketing automation campaigns that are running
  • CRM client data changes
  • CRM data exports and reports
  • Rapid, high volume content updates (up to 6-7 new articles per day) that need publishing, formatting, ad insertion and optimisation for SEO
  • and a lot more

Tasks that are sent via Digital Support Desk are triaged by the Support Manager and are assigned to the correct expert, who is familiar with Metropole, their regular requirements, design & technical systems. Once a Support team member accepts the task, they are accountable for it successful completion & timely communication on the matter.

Should Metropole's needs increase - support resources are scaled to meet the increased demand or visa versa.

As a result Metropole has obtained a centralised capability against all of it's digital day-to-day support needs for an investment that can be easily budgeted against in advance. This managed capability is able to support and respond to the needs of all of Metropole's 3 offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.