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How to Build Local Citations For SEO in Australia?

A local citation is a very basic concept that can mean a lot in terms of your small business’s SEO. A local citation is any online mention of your business’s name, phone number, and address. This can apply from a blog post to a review to a mention in a local directory. There are a lot of benefits to amassing citations, but you need to have a strong strategy to make sure your citations contain all the needed info to support your business, and are likewise put on the best platforms to reach your ideal audience. Here’s what you need to do to make those things happen.

What Is Local Citation Building? 

Citation building grew out of the greater concept of SEO and link building. In essence, a local citation serves as a link without a link, providing the means for a customer to get into contact with your business. This is why the name, address, and phone number are so important, as these are what help people contact your business.

Benefits Of Local Citations 

  1. Increase your Google ranking
  2. Develop your business reach
  3. Are easily customisable to include facts like hours, images, reviews, and more

In essence, what makes developing local citations so appealing is the fact that you can increase revenue, reputation, and Google ranking all at the same time.

How Can You Follow Citations Of Your Business? 

A local citation finder is a great asset here. These are tools that crawl various sites online to find mentions of your business with appropriate information. This allows you to keep track of what you post or make changes to what others post about your business. Unfortunately, a similar tool is not available for Australian businesses, so we’ve prepared a list of the most useful directories in Australia.

The Top 10 Local Citation Sites In Australia 

1. Yalwa

This business directory offers the space to rate and share different listings as well as citations. You can also search by business niche.

2. Searchfrog

You can easily look up different niches and business locations with this appealing interface.

3. Ree (Real Estate Express)

This platform is strictly to connect people with real estate properties/agents.

4. Tuugo

Unlike the other offerings on this list, Tuugo is an international site with an Australian page, which is something to keep in mind.

5. LocalBusinessGuide

Searching for businesses here is easy. Simply fill in the location and niche spaces and take advantage of all the resources present.

6. DizyLocal

One function that sets this directory apart is a regularly updated listing of the most recently added businesses and the most recently contacted businesses.

7. Fyple

This business directory allows for reviews with a simple 1-5 star system or a longer text review, depending on user preference.

8. PinkPages

This puts geography at the forefront, connecting users to local businesses. There’s also a display for prominent reviews from customers.

9. Au.EnrollBusiness

This site takes more of a search engine approach to business citations. Simply enter in a specific niche that you are looking for and you will get a list of appropriate listings. You can also filter by geographic location. 

10. GoGuide.Com

This site provides a wide set of niches for citations, as well as a blog providing general business advice.


Local citation building is for developing your overall local SEO, but, sometimes, you need to stray from your inner business circle to help chart your progress. Making sure you verify your overall strategy means that you’re optimizing for the right keywords, as well as making sure that your citations are on the right sites. The best way to accomplish all this is with a full SEO website audit from a digital marketing agency.