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Visuals should be a must in a Content Marketing Strategy

The following is a guest post written by Gretchen from Canva. We are big fans of Canva’s easy to use software and approach to content marketing – so much so that we’ve previously featured them in our content marketing tool. We hope you can weave some of these visual insights into your content strategy. Enjoy! — […]

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social media

15 Brilliant Social Examples for Content Marketing

Not all businesses know it, but content marketing and social media go hand in hand, and they’re mighty important to successful marketing. Every great branding campaign needs quality content backed by kickass social media pages to boost traction. A creative, informative and well-crafted blog is time wasted if your audience never has the opportunity to […]

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The Rise of Steemit – The Next Big Thing for Content Marketers?

Steemit is the newest (and youngest) kid on the online social block. In the last two weeks, the Steemit has seen a significant growth (~1000%) – rather impressive feat, to say the least. The site launched in May of this year, but it was only recently that contributor funding was released and the the platform paid equivalent of […]

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