SEO Strategies for E-Commerce

Digital marketing is perhaps the most important tool in the modern age.

Particularly in e-business, where the stakes for SEO visibility are highest.

For any company, a business site enables you to explain to customers what you are about, why they should work with you, how this will be of benefit to them, and clearly informs them of the next action they should take to make it happen.

Diverse People Working And Marketing ConceptIf the website doesn’t function, a physical company might survive, but will not thrive.

But for an e-commerce company, a non-functioning website halts ALL sales. Immediately. It is therefore vitally important to know the effect of any changes you make.

An SEO marketing audit allows us to see exactly what your business needs to make sure your SEO is running optimally, to make sure you are in the best position to function, grow, and thrive.

The ultimate goal of e-commerce SEO is for potential customers to find you on a search engine, click, read, and purchase. High traffic looks great, but it needs to convert to sales to be of much use in any business, e-commerce in particular.

SEO for e-commerce is also different in the keywords that are effective.

A regular business, say a real estate agent, might want to rank high for the search “How to sell a home in X city”. This catches people motivated to seek further information on how to sell their home, and you may be able to help them.

An e-commerce business will aim to catch prospective customers in a ready-to-buy state, specifically for the item which you have to sell. A person motivated to have party supplies delivered will search for ‘party supplies delivery’.

Google Search SeoOf course, there might be hundreds of party supply places competing for the same words, so get specific with long-tail keywords: ‘Wedding party supplies’ would be more niche, and effective if that’s what you offer, or even ‘Indian wedding party supplies’ if that’s what you do.

Whatever you have to offer, get specific, rank on those words, make your site easy to purchase from, and people in need of you will find you and buy while competing with a lot fewer sites for that important Google ranking.

SEO done right can have a small, niche e-commerce company able to thrive even against giants such as Amazon. Clever positioning and targeted SEO can gain a hold a market even in a field of dominant generalists. You can stand out and stand up.

Grid Concepts can help you find the SEO niche for your company, to let it stand out and thrive.

Book an SEO audit today, and find out how to optimise your content strategy, and gain buying customers.