5 tips to improve search rankings using Quora

When it comes to SEO success, you need to go to new horizons in terms of finding ways to promote your content and pages. One surprising asset you may have in this regard is Quora. At first glance, Quora seems more like a reference tool than a marketing tool, but that’s part of what makes it quite effective, especially when talking about strong backlinks. First, here are some fundamental questions answered about incorporating Quora into your greater digital strategy.

What’s the point of Quora?

Quora is a question/answer website where various users can either ask questions on any theme/topic or look up and respond to the questions of others.

Does Google own Quora?

Google and Quora are not linked. While both are based in Mountain View, CA, and index pages on other sites, the two don’t have a formal business relationship.

What separates Quora from Reddit? 

Think of Quora as more specialized compared to Reddit. There are specific subreddits that have a similar question/answer format, but Quora is specifically dedicated to this purpose.

Can you post links on Quora?

You can post links on Quora. This is the key function that gives it most of its purpose from an SEO perspective.

How To Use Quora for SEO?

With these basic questions answered, we can start to talk about ways to use Quora for SEO. Here are some of the standout methods.

5 tips to improve search rankings using Quora
  1. Asking questions with links for your website. One good way to start a conversation around your content is by using links from your website in a related question that you pose. This not only gives you a backlink, but showcases your content to people who may have questions about a similar topic.
  2. Using your profile/answers for links. At the same time, if your content provides an answer to someone else’s topic, you can provide an excerpt of it as the answer, then add the link if they want more details.
  3. Broken link building. Quora is similar to Wikipedia another large website in that there’s a massive volume of external links present, that may break over time. This allows you to promote your content by suggesting your links instead of any broken links given as answers to a question. Of course, your content has to be relevant to the topic at hand.
  4. Promote your website via the Spaces function. Spaces is a Quora feature designed to curate collections of relevant information as well as build communities around them. This is a goldmine when it comes to promoting content on niche topics to an interested community.
  5. Find influencers/promoters: Equally important as promoting your own content directly is finding indirect ways to try and boost your content. One thing worth looking out for is if you see a lot of the same people replying to multiple questions in your niche. It’s worth your time to try and look into their profile and see if they are an influencer or promoter for content. If so, it may be worth it to introduce yourself and your company and see if you can start a relationship. One nice thing about Quora is that you can see how authoritative a person is based on the quality of their answers.


Quora is a smart asset to help bolster the ranking for your pages and content through quality backlinks for SEO. However, there are other aspects of your website or content that may be hindering some of the progress your work on Quora is making. To ensure that this doesn’t get out of control, be sure to look into a website SEO audit. By working with a third party that can help you find some of the best spots for backlinks, you can get the most out of your Quora efforts.