Without targeted traffic your online project will not succeed.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC, Google Adwords)
  • Conversion Optimisation – Maximise the traffic you already have

Maximize Your Marketing Spend

Our approach to search marketing is simple; provide exceptional return on your marketing investment. As your search partner, we develop strategic, targeted solutions that give your business the best bang for your buck.

The digital marketing landscape is evolving rapidly, and we make it our business to evolve with it. The pillars of our search strategy are: Paid Search Marketing (aka PPC, Google Adwords), Organic Search Optimisation (aka SEO) and Conversion Optimisation.

We recognise that today marketing via Desktop channel only is no longer enough. In some industries close to 50% of overall traffic is already done via Mobile & Tablet channels. You can be sure that we will follow your prospects wherver they are looking for your services, whether it is next going to be to the television set or their smart hand watch.  We have all the tools and expertise to make sure you stand out from the pack.

Organic Search for Maximum Long Term ROI

Organic search (or SEO) is easily one of the best long term marketing decisions your business can make. You need a partner that understands and is able to capitalise on Google’s latest trends.

We understand Google so you don’t have to. We tailor your Organic Search strategy according to the latest in SEO best practice, your industry, target audience, and competition for keywords in your industry. Then we focus on achieving these goals for your business by implementing both on-page and off-page search engine optimization.

Some On-Page optimization you can expect include from us includes:

  • Optimizing individual pages to target specific keywords
  • Restructuring your website’s pages to focus on higher value keywords
  • Technical fixes such as Title Tags, Meta Tags, Broken Links, H1s, Structured Data and linking structure

Off-Page optimization we specialise in:

  • Developing your overall content marketing strategy
  • Creation of quality backlinks & authoritative influence outside of your website
  • Manually reaching out to influencers in your industry
  • Promoting your content to relevant websites and social media

Paid Search for Immediate Results

When done right, Paid Search (or PPC) is a fantastic way to easily and quickly generate leads and sales to your website.
Paid Search is where you pay for each click that leads to your website. We achieve maximum ROI through a process of constant optimization where we continuously update and split test ads in your campaign to increase the number of conversions your business receives.
Some of the advertisement platforms we excel at include:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing

Conversion Optimisation for Spending Your Budget Better

You’d be amazed at the impact some small changes can have on the profitability of your website and overall business.
We optimize, test, optimize, test and then test some more until your website is converting the way it should. Some of the conversion activities we have become renowned for include:

  • A/B or multivariate testing on existing pages
  • Building custom high converting landing pages
  • User testing & measuring specific journeys through the site / online app
  • Designing websites from scratch, when drastic measures are needed
Louise Bedford

Louise Bedford

Director / The Trading game

I wanted to say that the site looks fabulous! The design, the layout, the ease of use, and most importantly the results!. Well done!

Ashley Churcher

Ashley Churcher

Marketing Director / Niche

Val & the team are great to work with and experts in the field of Digital strategy and User Experience. Working with them on a variety of projects has been a pleasure. They have consistently gone above and beyond to deliver projects that exceed stakeholder expectations and enhance their reputation in the industry. I highly recommend engaging Grid Concepts to assist with your upcoming digital projects!

Stephen Foxworthy

Stephen Foxworthy

Group Account Director / DTDigital

Val and I worked closely on a variety of projects. He has always a pleasure to work with, with a great outlook, capacity for work and team ethic. Under sometimes difficult circumstances, Val & the team managed the delivery of some very high profile projects, including the massive re-design of the website.