The 2 Minute Guide to Google My Business

Google My Business is the consolidation of Google Places for Business and Google+ Local. The aim is to provide one product for business owners to manage their business presence on Google. Essentially, if you run business that requires local SEO, then you should become acquainted with Google My Business.

I understand if you’re confused, and maybe even slightly annoyed by Google’s numerous name/product changes over the past few years. I know I am. To be fair to Google, there is some additional functionality that has been rolled into Google My Business.’

All-In-One Dashboard

The biggest improvement is the ability for businesses to view insights from Google+, Reviews, Adwords (Express) and Google Analytics from the one location. This allows businesses to see high level insights from the one dashboard, rather than switching between different web applications.


Mobile Friendly

Business owners tend to move around a bit, so the ability to receive insights and action them on the go is a massive plus.


Give your business the “Street View” treatment

Ever used Google Street View to check out a potential house to buy or rent? Well, business owners can now use the same “street view” technology to provide a virtual tour of INSIDE the business premises. This is straight from your listing on Google My Business. Pretty neat hey?google-business-street-view

Having trouble setting up your Google My Business account? Feel free to give us a call. I’m sure we can point you in the right direction.

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