Case Study: The Trading Game

Web Design & Development

The challenge

Louise and Chris at The Trading Game have struggled with 2 incumbent digital agencies, prior to approaching Grid Concepts. When The Trading Game came to us, frustrated in having wasted time and investment elsewhere,  they had a dual challenge:

  • Improve the administrator experience when managing their 5 different system, each having it’s own separate login and challenges
  • Dramatically increase the conversion rate for their prospective clients – that being either a subscription to their database or a trial of their online mentorship program


The insights & solution

As the 1st point of call we identified the  ideal prospective customer(s) and their needs. We also held focus groups with key stakeholders to identify current pain-points and a roadmap to work towards.

This project called on not only our user experience design knowledge but also the technical integration expertise – needing to assess existing legacy technical systems, capabilities and a sustainable plan forward, so Client’s online business will not take a step back during the transition. This included dismantling over-engineered, individually managed systems running in the cloud & migrating the relevant content / user flows to a brand new system with a single login & highly streamlined user experience design.

As a cherry on top – we made the user experience responsive, thus standardising it across desktop, tablet and mobile. Most importantly, the Client received a rock-solid foundation for sustainable digital growth & a reliable alliance partner who will drive their business forward in the years to come.

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