Case Study: Radius Suburb

Strategy / Traffic Generation / Web Design & Development

The challenge

When Printforce approached Grid Concepts – Radius product had 2 sub products (Suburb and Campaign), that were confusing to the user & thus resulted in poor uptake. Furthermore, fragmented visual journey through the site lead to extremely high fallout rate prior to conversion to a sale.


The insights & solution

Once we took on this challenge spent time time interviewing and holding focus groups with potential users & key stakeholders. With their insights, the team immediately recommended separating the 2 sub products into its own separate destinations, in order to tell a simple, convincing story for each product.  Armed with an approval from the Client the team was then able to formulate a set of information & design goals to transform the experience for the potential prospect and existing user.  As part of the improved user experience we:

  • Retold the story via restructuring the existing content and creating new.  That in turn raised the value of the product, thus improving the pricepoint 3-fold.
  • Information flow of user interactions was restructured around the key call to actions, thus dramatically reducing shopping cart abandonment
  • We collaborated with the Printforce technical team, delivering the entire presentation layer for them and supported them through the integration process

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