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The challenge

Property development & investment has a protracted & highly competitive buying lifecycle. The challenge for property investment firms is that they’re looking to secure qualified prospects. In order to achieve this,  an effective marketing strategy must be adopted that recognises this lengthy buying lifecycle. The traditional ‘interruptive’ marketing channels can still work, but these require a higher marketing expense & are a ‘spray & hope’ approach.

In 2006, Metropole, the parent company behind Property Update, asked us to assist them in creating an unbiased online publication aimed at both the first time and savvy investors. This publication presented an opportunity to cross-sell Metropole’s services -property buying, strategy, property management and development.

Insights & solution

Strategy and Planning

The Property Update publication was carefully architected around relevant organic search terms & topics high in demand. Popular and trending search terms and keywords are constantly monitored and updated in order to understand which topics the website should focus on. Articles are published daily and based on up-to-date demand research & competitor insights.

Content Creation

In order to create relevant content, Property Update has a panel of contributors & guest writers, who are highly respected in their expertise domains. There are also active editorial & research teams behind the site to make sure the content is of necessary quality.


In order to market the content, Grid Concepts & Property Update teams perform active outreach to relevant content partners & distributors. These partners distribute the content to their subscriber bases, in turn, amplifying content reach. This process ensures the content on Property Update is reaching a targeted and engaged audience. With the help of marketing automation, we help run active daily & weekly subscriber programs that now include more than 100,000 active readers.


User Experience of the site undergoes regular optimisation, testing & new feature releases. We also recognise that now around 50% of our traffic comes to the site from mobile devices. Therefore, the site is highly mobile responsive & optimised for the small screen experience.

We also have a very active Search Engine Optimisation program behind each publication. This covers research, content creation, optimisation, link building, outreach & much more. Property Update ranks for thousands of search terms & doesn’t simply appear on page 1 of Google results either, it dominates the rankings. Take for example, the search term ‘property development’ that has 923 million results in Google.


Metropole owned & controlled online properties occupy not just the 1st spot, but 1st, 2nd & 3rd for this search term!

No small feat given the competition in this space. For instance in January 2014 there were 102,000,000 Google results for ‘property development’. Over the space of 2.5 years, that number has grown nine times!

Needless to say, Property Update is a fantastic content marketing machine for Metropole. The prospective buyer, who in this day and age wants to self educate, now has access to invaluable content. This content comes from a range of top property & investment mindset experts around Australia. In return, Metropole grows their marketing database (now over 100K) & gets to gain the trust of the prospective buyers, not by false promises or get rich schemes, but by valuable advice, real life case studies & trusted industry experts.

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