Case Study: Metropole - Web Design and Development

Traffic Generation / Web Design & Development

The challenge

Metropole approached us with 4 separate business division websites that were not representing effectively Metropole’s full service offer. This fractured approach to the customer experience was resulting in a high fallout rate & very few business enquiries from online. At the same time client was concerned that they were missing out on mobile / tablet traffic as the site(s) was hard to consume on these devices.

In only ten weeks, Grid Concepts completely re-imagined the experience, making it easier for Metropole’s prospective customers to find what they wanted quickly and easily —the right business division, the right call ti action and more importanly – why they should become a customer of Metropole.


The insights & solution

In a coordinated multi-day effort, we identified the  ideal customer and their needs, as well interviewed the key stakeholders. We then designed pathways & user flows for customers to easily move through the site and end up infront of key call to actions. The newly integrated site removes the complexity of the previous four sites, inspiring and guiding prospective and current customers with relevant content, social and authoritative proof across desktop, mobile and tablet.  Most importantly, it provided a rock-solid foundation for digital growth & resulted in flipping Metropole’s marketing strategy on it’s head – allowing Metropole to spend less marketing dollars in traditional channels (print, pr, etc) and allow for a constant stream of new targeted leads from online.

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