Case Study: ECF/HFA

Traffic Generation / Web Design & Development

The challenge

Unify two brands that have 2 separate websites under one roof. Make sure it is visually striking and appeals to the target audience of interior designers & architects. At the same time search engine rankings should not suffer, even though we will prioritise the visuals over text & editorial information.


The insights & solution

First client was enabled with support in order to carry out feedback focus groups with their target audience. On the back of these workshops Grid had a very solid picture of what both the business stakeholders as well as the actual users needed.

Grid then spent a considerable amount of effort in Information Design, both for larger screens (desktop, tablet) as well as mobile. On the back of the Information Architecture process the Adobe Business Catalyst (Content Management System) was chosen as a framework to unify both brands in one site.

Once the architectural decisions were finalised and approved with the Client, the team moved into the visual design phase, followed by the build & iterated until both the Client and the team here were happy.

One of the challenges of this project, was getting the content & product information side of things right. Not just accuracy of it for launch, but enabling the Client to effectively and easily manage it post launch, as the product catalogs are fairly extensive.

As a result the Client is getting an 125% increase in inquiries through the website & has already recommended our services to a number of other companies.

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