Online marketing – why use it in an uncertain economy

If you are looking for ways to cut up your expenses on marketing and advertising, online marketing is a good choice. With online marketing, your company can increase its exposure to consumers without spending thousands of money. Its benefits are efficient yet it is a low cost form of marketing.

Tools of Online Marketing

There are many kinds of online marketing if you will depend on the methods used to do it. Online marketing makes use of different tools. Some may market products and services through email while others use RSS feeds. Some online marketers also make use of instant messaging and video steaming. To use a video or email for marketing, you just need to create a video and upload it at popular sites like YouTube. The same process – creating a message using the preferred tool and uploading it at an appropriate site – goes true for other kinds of online marketing.

Kinds of Online Marketing

There are two basic kinds of online marketing when you look into the relationship of the marketer and consumer. There is a kind of online marketing called ‘pull’ marketing wherein the consumers get to choose information or marketing message they want to receive and the marketer does not have control over what the consumers receive or not. The second kind involves ‘push’ marketing wherein the consumer chooses to receive marketing messages and the marketer gets to decide on the marketing messages that he will send.

Advantages of Online Marketing

A lot of people opt to receive but do not welcome marketing messages that much. One reason is that there are too many marketing messages that approach them from the morning to the evening. If you want your audience to retain your marketing messages and influence their decision, online marketing can be of great use.

One of the characteristics of an effective marketing plan is to hit the audience at the right time. For instance, if you sell cars, the best time to show your marketing message to a person who is planning to buy a car is when he is about to decide or at least compare price, sellers, models, etc. This is when online marketing gains its advantage over other traditional marketing media. Since a lot of people go online when looking for products and services that they need, the best place to market a business is on the internet. Thus, you have to show your ad or marketing message to them before they actually avail or before their actual purchase.

Online marketing also has an edge if you want a targeted advertising. It is easy to focus your marketing messages with online marketing. You can easily choose marketing media and sites that are normally visited by people within your targeted audience. You can also easily choose to do the online marketing locally, nationally or globally.

Another advantage of online marketing is that your ad stays on the internet as long as you want it to be. For instance, a marketing video may be uploaded to YouTube or to your website. it will stay there as long as you keep your account or website.

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