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Val and I worked closely on a variety of projects. He has always a pleasure to work with, with a great outlook, capacity for work and team ethic. Under sometimes difficult circumstances, Val & the team managed the delivery of some very high profile projects, including the massive re-design of the website. 

Find out what issues are hurting your content strategy

No matter what type of content is on your website, it is vital that you conduct audits every now and then to make sure that it is staying relevant and effective for producing the results that you want. 

1: Content Marketing Strategy & Planning

Marketing and promotion strategy, competitor analysis and keyword research

The 4 step content marketing process & services we offer

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Content Marketing
Production of content that is well researched, optimised & aimed at the target audience

2: Content Production


3: Content Promotion & Management


4: Measurement & Optimization


Stephen Foxworthy

Group Account Director / DTDigital


Why you should get your free content audit

Simple actionable recommendations

SEO, Paid Search, Display, Remarketing, Content Discovery and many more´╗┐
Understand whether the content marketing efforts work effectively

If you have the ability to make changes to your website but just don’t know where to begin, our detailed content auditing service can give you detailed information on what’s preventing your website from achieving better results. Our expert team will examine your website and make a detailed report on the changes required for better content promotion


Save your time and money

Our tool automates the content audit of your website, it speeds up the process of gathering the information you need. Imagine how long it would take to manually audit a website of a few thousand pages! Our tool allows you to see very quickly any issues in the content of your pages.


Gain control over your promotion strategy

Content audits enable you to comprehend and evaluate how a website performs against set business goals, various user needs, editorial standards and various performance indicators like SEO, web analytics and content use.  This audit will serve as a tool for making well-grounded decisions in the development of the project


Improve your customer experience

Deep analysis of the  visitors behavior allows to draw specific insight to create a great customer experience strategy to help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn and increase revenues.

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