User Experience Web Design

Customers analytics and data is the heart of our every design

  • User Experience Design
  • Web Development
  • On-line Product Development
  • Mobile Development (iOS + Android)
  • System Integration
  • Platform-agnostic Approach

Put the users & their needs first

We firmly believe in an idea that the better we know the users and their needs, the easier it is to create the right products and services for them.

Easier in our language also means less costly, as the need to rework your solution greatly diminishes. What is the end result? Both users and business stakeholders win!

We strive to create solutions grounded in the needs, desires and behaviours of customers. Through techniques ranging from observational analysis, user co-creation & quantitative surveys, our expertise in consumer research is focused on unlocking deep consumer insights and the transformational opportunities that lie within.

Not bridging the customer gap is still the most common reason for market failure. Designing for business needs, not for users’ needs. In short, designing just for business needs is a recipe for failure.

We embrace the details

The spectrum of our user experience design & development is grounded in enterprise level expertise. At the same
time we employ a lean process for maximum results:

  • User Research & Persona Identification
  • Goal Identification & User Flows to Reach the Goals
  • Prioritisation of Features
  • Content Strategy & Deliverables
  • Information Design and Usability
  • Visual & Interaction Design
Louise Bedford

Louise Bedford

Director / The Trading game

I wanted to say that the site looks fabulous! The design, the layout, the ease of use, and most importantly the results!. Well done!

Ashley Churcher

Ashley Churcher

Marketing Director / Niche

Val & the team are great to work with and experts in the field of Digital strategy and User Experience. Working with them on a variety of projects has been a pleasure. They have consistently gone above and beyond to deliver projects that exceed stakeholder expectations and enhance their reputation in the industry. I highly recommend engaging Grid Concepts to assist with your upcoming digital projects!

Stephen Foxworthy

Stephen Foxworthy

Group Account Director / DTDigital

Val and I worked closely on a variety of projects. He has always a pleasure to work with, with a great outlook, capacity for work and team ethic. Under sometimes difficult circumstances, Val & the team managed the delivery of some very high profile projects, including the massive re-design of the website.

Enterprise level development pedigree

Open source, proprietary technology, Saas, etc - we will use the right tool for the job at hand

Picking the right technology and crafting it for delightful end user experiences and interaction requires deep insights in tech, users and business needs. We leverage the potential of new technologies to take what was once impossible and make it reality.

While customer experience ultimately drives competitive advantage, technology is the underlying means by which visionary solutions become reality.

Our deep expertise spans a diverse range of software and hardware technologies, which we leverage early on within the innovation process so as to push the limits of ideas, optimize validation and accelerate time-to-market.