Design and Development


Many developers can build you complex features and large development projects. It is another prospect altogether for the developed product to engage a new lead or convert a lead into a customer. At Grid our developers sit alongside marketers and user experience designers. This is why we first understand your customer and business, then analyse your deep analytics and only then start developing and designing. Not the other way around. Sure, it is harder and takes more planning – but the results are that much more effective!

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Mobile friendly design2

Many of our clients have truly unique products and services or trying so solve a need in the marketplace in a new way. This is where technology and features of the products may take a front seat and overtake the customer’s experience. However, when it comes to customer product / service uptake and engagement – creative really does make a difference and drives a response. If you ignore design and User Experience, you are ignoring the reality of the buying decision – it is complex, filled with emotion and is often made on superficial reasons. Creative design builds trust. User Experience understanding drives customer engagement and response.

iOS/Android apps3

The game has changed. Again. In some industries penetration of apps and mobile web is already sitting above 50% in terms of usage compared to other mediums. This is not including tablet! So, the more intuitive and tailored we can make the mobile experience the higher will be the engagement and subsequently results.

And don’t forget those push notifications! Native application for Apple and Android are a great way to engage & develop another marketing communication channel.


Landing pages4

Landing pages are those forks in the road of a prospective customer that either deliver results or not for you. We utilise a smart landing engine to effectively (A/B) test headlines, offers, copy and pretty much any element on the page until we know what the winning combination is.


A great way to generate more awareness around your products and services. A picture is worth a thousand words they say. Effective infographics have tremendous viral value and continue working even months after your have created and distributed one.



Most customers are not interested in buying your product or service. You are an unknown entity to them. The more unique your offer is, the less your prospective customers understands about your features and specific services. Great copy is essential to unlocking this equation. It defines the benefits, builds trust & relaying the compelling offer. Our copywriters know your ideal customer, their paint points & are able to articulate that in a language customers understand, not in the language that you use inside your business.