Organic Search (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a magic bullet. No one can game the system, buy or cheat their way to the top of the search results page. It’s that high barrier to entry that makes SEO one of the most profitable long-term sales strategies. Customers trust organic results. And competitors can’t just snatch away businesses’ position. Although the climb to the top of Google takes time, the rewards are worth it.


Content Outreach & Link Building

Did you know that search engines, like Google, value what happens within a site a LOT less than what happens outside a site? Google is all about relevant results & it would like to determine relevancy without individual sites’ biases. So, to control this, Google places a lot more value on the factors that cannot be internally. They factor in signals such as links coming to the site from other sites or mentions of content pages in other’s social posts – essentially factors that are outside of the website’s direct influence.

Hence, it is important to have a healthy content outreach strategy to be able to influence others and help them promote content and a brand. We help put that in place and actively participate in online outreach efforts.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Paid search helps customers quickly find a product, targeting audiences by their search intent and demographic data made available by Google. Businesses have to pay for it, usually by paying for each click on their ads, however it is highly targeted traffic that can be obtained VERY quickly, rather than waiting until the organic SEO efforts start paying dividends.

It can be a fantastic marketing channel in terms of effectiveness because we can join the dots between the budget all the way through to the cost per lead obtained through this channel. So calculation of ROI & determination of effectiveness will be a given here. It is a great way to test new products, as a business can very easily ‘open and close the tap’, as well as determine when exactly to run ads (during after hours, only on weekends, lunch hours only, etc).



Usually with advertising a business only gets ‘one bite at the cherry’. They pay and drive a prospective customer to their piece of advertising. It either works or it doesn’t. With re-targeting businesses get a chance to bring the prospect back to their offer and see if the audience will be more receptive to it.

It is done via ‘smart’ display advertising, whereby we show ads to only those prospects who have already been to the site before. We can ‘follow’ them around the Internet up to 60 days after they have visited a site.

This is a fantastic marketing channel for those companies with long buying or consideration cycles, so this will suit high value products or services and pretty much anyone in the B2B space.

Social Media Marketing

Every major social media network now has a stable of advertising options – boosting posts to display advertising or even premium options such as highly targeted emails in the case of LinkedIn. Social media paid advertising is fantastic to quickly expand reach whilst organic efforts are picking up pace. Another benefit of social advertising is a multitude of targeting options, including demographics, socio-economic & behavioral characteristics.


Email Marketing

Many businesses are surprised to know that this is still the most effective marketing channel in terms of ROI. Compare it to any other online channel and it wins hands down.

No doubt the game has changed and businesses have to employ email marketing strategically, often combining it with marketing automation, auto-responders and other smart triggers to deliver highly targeted email rather than employ a traditional newsletter approach.