Long Form ‘Evergreen’ Content

Evergreen content is the cornerstone of a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. With SEO there is no magic bullet. Ranking near the top of the organic search results won’t be achieved by paying money, rather you need to provide truly valuable content to earn the prospective customer’s trust. It’s that high barrier to entry that makes SEO one of the most profitable long-term sales strategies. ‘Evergreen’ content is well researched, long form content that does not easily date & retains its relevancy months and sometimes even years after being first published.


Ongoing Blog Posts

Blog content needs to remain fresh & relevant. If a business’ team does not have the time to produce content on an ongoing basis – we can certainly assist and create the content.

The team members within the business are the subject matter experts, so we’ll typically look to involve the team at the planning and approval stages. We can determine how much or how little a team will be involved in the creation process during the content strategy phase.

eBooks, Guides & White Papers

In order to grow a database, a strong ‘hook’ needs to be presented for the prospective customer to leave their details in exchange for content.

Asking for a general subscription to a list is acceptable, but this will be increasingly less effective as mailboxes get more and more cluttered. Instead a targeted, comprehensive eBook or a white paper will warrant someone leaving their details, as it will represent enough value for them.


Video & Rich Media

In order to increase engagement, video and other types of rich media are a fantastic way make content pages more attractive and keep the prospective customers on the site longer.

Other types of rich media may include audio, animated GIFs & data visualisation widgets/web apps.



Infographics are a great way to visually represent complex information concepts. Well-executed infographics can be an instant ‘eureka moment’ with your target audience. A picture can tell a thousand words – well infographics can do just that and also make abstract information convincingly clear. Think of it slicing a picture into hundreds of pieces and then quickly illuminating patterns on how it all fits together. (For example: Australian NBN is much slower than 90% of the developed world’s broadband networks? And it hasn’t even been completed yet!)

What’s more is infographics are easy to share and can be a very effective viral device in any content marketing efforts.