Marketing Automation & CRM

Introduce Efficiencies into your Marketing Efforts & Reduce Manual Labour

  • Platform Integration & Setup
  • Email Template & Landing Page Setup
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Measure Marketing Performance
  • Introduce Efficiencies into your Marketing Efforts

Take Control of Your Data Management

  • Data audit & data cleanse
  • Data mapping
  • Data migration & synchronization
  • Integration to data warehouse/CRM/e-commerce platform
  • Database management & maintenance
  • Development of database growth strategies

Marketing Automation Systems

  • Recommend B2C / B2B marketing automation platform
  • Implement marketing automation system & integrate with your data warehouse/CRM
  • Optimize landing pages
  • Create content & creative for marketing automation initiatives
  • Develop behavioral scoring
  • Implement custom B2C marketing programs to increase lift
Louise Bedford

Louise Bedford

Director / The Trading game

I wanted to say that the site looks fabulous! The design, the layout, the ease of use, and most importantly the results!. Well done!

Ashley Churcher

Ashley Churcher

Marketing Director / Niche

Val & the team are great to work with and experts in the field of Digital strategy and User Experience. Working with them on a variety of projects has been a pleasure. They have consistently gone above and beyond to deliver projects that exceed stakeholder expectations and enhance their reputation in the industry. I highly recommend engaging Grid Concepts to assist with your upcoming digital projects!

Stephen Foxworthy

Stephen Foxworthy

Group Account Director / DTDigital

Val and I worked closely on a variety of projects. He has always a pleasure to work with, with a great outlook, capacity for work and team ethic. Under sometimes difficult circumstances, Val & the team managed the delivery of some very high profile projects, including the massive re-design of the website.

Automate All Areas of Your Marketing



  • Identify Audience
  • Market To Audience
  • Capture the Details of a Lead for Re-Marketing

 User Engagement & Conversion

  • Welcome Marketing Sequences
  • Re-Activation Sequences
  • Cart & Process Abandonment Optimisation
  • Special Promotions & Contests

 Customer Retention

  • Couponing
  • Win Back Campaigns
  • Loyalty Appreciation Campaigns
  • Social Referral Funnels